Our B.I.O.system® Technology


If you’ve spent any time on the ABEO website, you’ve probably seen the letters “B.I.O.” quite a few times, and you might not know exactly what they mean. 


“B.I.O.” stands for "built-in orthotic,” an orthotic footbed that is not removable like most orthotics, but instead built into the shoe itself. 

Why built-in orthotics? 


When ABEO was founded over 10 years ago, our goal was to create shoes that don’t force you to choose between comfort and style. We accomplished that goal by designing one of the first built-in orthotics. Today, our cutting-edge B.I.O.system® is still the foundation of our footwear and the key to our success. 


So why are built-in orthotics such a game-changer? By building the orthotic footbed into the shoe, it allows us to have way more flexibility when it comes to design. In fact, it’s what allowed us to create our very first design, the Balboa sandal — one of the first orthotic open-toe shoes in the world. 


The Balboa was created to combine the comfort, support, stability, and alignment of a high-end orthotic shoe with a timeless, everyday sandal. The Balboa is ideal if you live in a warm climate and thanks to our B.I.O.system®, it can be worn every single day from dusk till dawn. (And then some!) Soon after the launch of the Balboa, we started designing other styles — including sneakers, boots, sandals, and even heels  — that incorporate our built-in-orthotic system. 


At its very core, ABEO’s mission is to make sure that you never have to go to another day of work, an event, a vacation, or even a walk around the neighborhood without comfortable shoes on your feet. And our B.I.O.system® is how we carry out that mission. 


What makes B.I.O.system® different? 


A good quality orthotic footbed will help just about anyone who's on their feet for extended periods of time. (That means you, nurses, engineers, teachers, doctors, bartenders, and baristas!) An orthotic footbed is also a must-have if you have plantar fasciitis, high arches, or flat feet — especially if you experience any foot, knee, or back pain. 


That said, not all built-in-orthotics are created equal. We used real data collected from years of foot scans, customer feedback, and foot health research to create our B.I.O.system®. Rest assured our shoes will always provide:  


  • A wide toe box for improved balance and proper weight distribution
  • A deep heel cup for stability and better shock absorption 
  • Customized arch and footbed support for different foot types 


Our B.I.O.system® also takes it a step further by allowing for customization, which means no matter what your foot type, there’s a perfect ABEO shoe for you. For example, you can add a "metatarsal" footpad, which can help evenly distribute pressure and relieve plantar fasciitis; or, you can add a "posted" footbed, which is firmer and provides more stability than the neutral orthotic.  


At ABEO, we’re always evolving and improving, which means we’re continuously looking for more ways to customize our shoes to support your feet and your fashion sense. Our innovative B.I.O.system® makes sure that you never have to choose between comfort and style, or an open-toe shoe and an orthotic. We’re here to give you the best of both worlds!