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Experience the ultimate in customized comfort with the women’s ABEO® 3D3 Neutral Premium Orthotic. These revolutionary orthotics are matched to your specific arch and foot profile for the ultimate in balance, support and cushioning. Ideal for low or high-impact activities, the workweek, or weekend, ABEO 3D3 Premium Orthotics are the solution for the total shock absorption and support.

Recommended support for plantar fasciitis.

  • Cork and rubber core provides customized ergonomic support and stability.
  • Dual-density slow recovery foam retains shape and provides comfort and shock attenuation.
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable mesh top cover features Aegis® antimicrobial shield to fight odor and prevent bacteria growth.
  • Cupped heel provides balance, stability, and reduces pressure on the joints.
  • Technically advanced Poron® bottom layer provides optimal cushioning, shock absorption, and impact resistance.
  • ABEO 3D³ orthotics proudly carry the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.
  • Forefoot Foam Thickness: 6.5mm


  • Better body alignment
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Increased stability
  • Shock absorption
  • Reduced stress on joints

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Cushy, comfy orthotic inserts

I have been wearing Walking Co Abeo shoes and orthotic inserts for decades. I started when I was in great pain and barely able to walk due to a Morton's neuroma in my right forefoot which got me walking on my heel and thus induced plantar fasciitis in that foot as well. I discovered the orthotics with metatarsal inserts at the Walking Company store where they scanned my feet. I wore those for many years but then eventually found I didn't need the metatarsal pads anymore because the neuroma had calmed down considerably. So I moved to just their regular neutral inserts and after buying many pairs of Abeo shoes from them I discovered that I had one particular favorite pair of shoes. They should have all been the same but I looked at the inserts very carefully and found that my favorite pair of shoes had ABEO 3D3 neutral womens premium orthotics in them. The other shoes had the standard, non-premium inserts. So a few weeks ago, I bought a couple more pairs of the premium inserts and put them in some of my older shoes and now they feel just as comfy and cushy as my favorite pair. I wish that I could order the premium insert with the shoe instead of getting the standard non-premium insert and having to replace it with the premium one at considerable expense. As far as I can tell, the difference is an extra millimeter of padding in the sole. I have previously tried custom orthotics and orthotics found in sporting stores, but these have been by far and away the best.


I suffer from plantar faciitis, and I spend so much time on my feet it takes nothing for it to come back. Honestly I know people think these are pricey, but having paid hundreds of dollars for custom orthotics and having my feet hurt more and more and more than ever, I get Abeo shoes with these inserts and can walk for hours and hours on end with no foot pain, and no back pain. I have had so many people try to talk me into different brands and I always come back to these.

Truly the best orthotic!

This premium orthotic is a lifesaver. I literally cannot live without it. It gives me the arch support I need to be able to walk, and without pain in my legs and ankles. I place it in Abeo shoes and a few other shoe brands. I used to get custom orthos (which were the pits), but only because I didn't know of The Walking Company. Many thanks to this company for making these lifesaving shoes and orthotics!

Work great for me

I’m so glad I found these - they work very well. Ashley at the walking store in Nashville is great!

As good as custom orthotics from the doctor.

I have plantar faciitis, heel spurs, and haglund's deformity in both feet. I was waiting for my custom orthotics to be made and had to find something to use in the meantime. I happened upon The Walking Company and was amazed at the comfort I could achieve in an off the shelf orthotic. Although I still get my custom orthotics, I use these abeo orthotics too so that I can have a set of orthotics in every pair of shoes or boots that I own. I don't have the pain in my feet that I used to. The only shoes I own that don't have the orthotic in them are the shoes made by abeo that have the orthotic built it. I love them!