Laguna Slide Metatarsal

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Meet the Laguna Slide Metatarsal

With a built-in orthotic footbed and a sturdy rubber outsole, the ABEO Laguna Slide Metatarsal sandal reduces fatigue and enhances foot support. The soft and flexible moisture-wicking lycra lining improves breathability, keeping your feet dry and cool. Pick from a wide variety of options, silver slide, beige slide, pink slide, and light denim slide.

  • Superior Arch & Heel Support - Exceptional arch support helps reduce pressure on joints by properly distributing weight and balance. Our cushioned deep heel cup helps absorb shock, preserve your natural heel pad, and properly align the body.
  • Premium Leather Upper & Textile Lining - A premium leather upper and textile lining is soft and durable.
  • BIOsystem® Comfort Technology - Our exclusive BIOsystem® orthotic footbed delivers a perfect balance of anatomical support, responsive cushioning and balanced alignment for exceptional all-day comfort.
  • Comfortable Fit - A spacious toe box helps reduce pressure on toes and forefoot.
  • Sturdy & Durable Rubber Outsole - Flexible and resistant rubber outsole offers increased traction, abrasion resistance and phenomenal sturdiness.
  • Help Relieve Foot Pain & Fatigue 
    • Ergonomic cushioned soles soften steps to help foot and heel pain.
    • Deep heel cup helps stabilize feet and align the body to minimize fatigue.
    • Wider fit offers more room for wide or swollen feet.
  • Help Alleviate Common Foot Conditions 
    • Metatarsalgia: Metatarsal footbed option has built-in metatarsal pad to help with forefoot pain.



Ideal for medium arches and those NOT suffering from pain in the ball of the foot.


A metatarsal pad on the sole provides enhanced arch and ball-of-foot support to redistribute weight and relieve forefoot pain and pressure. Shoes with metatarsal support can also prevent and address common foot problems, including plantar fasciitis and alignment issues.