Max Performance Orthotic 2 Womens Metatarsal

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Experience the ultimate in customized comfort with the women’s ABEO® 3D3 Metatarsal Maximum Performance Orthotic 2.0. These revolutionary orthotics are matched to your specific arch and foot profile for the ultimate in balance, support and cushioning. ABEO 3D3 Maximum Performance Orthotics deliver lightweight, breathable and durable comfort to help you perform at your best.

This orthotic features a metatarsal footbed, which assists customers with high to very high arches. This footbed offers enhanced arch and ball-of-foot support that helps to redistribute weight and relieve forefoot pain and pressure. Recommended support for plantar fasciitis.

  • Breathable and ultra lightweight nitro mesh cover keeps feet cool and dry.
  • Cork and rubber core provides customized ergonomic support and stability.
  • Energy return foam layer is breathable and provides cushioning and bouncy resilience.
  • Agion® antimicrobial treatment for moisture and odor control.
  • ABEO 3D³ orthotics proudly carry the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.
  • Forefoot Foam Thickness: 5.5mm


  • Better body alignment
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Increased stability
  • Shock absorption
  • Reduced stress on joints

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Customer Reviews

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Very comfortable

The Foot support is good for me but I find they feel best if I remove them from my athletic or other shoes every night so they can air out. This seems to help them last longer & be more comfortable day to day. Currently I’m using them in my Dansko athletic shoes which have a sort of plastic inner lining I find uncomfortable no matter what insole I have in them; the worst was the insole that came with the shoes. These Abeo’s are better but I still can only wear the shoes for a few hrs before I feel I need to take them off. My feet don’t sweat a lot but the fabric odor protectant in shoes and insoles always bother my feet. Wish that could be eliminated. Trying to wash it out doesn’t work. I think these insoles will last well though and I will try them in my Blundstone boots next.

Poor customer service

I’m a long time user of this product. I order 2 pair from Amazon. It clearly states they ship from Walking Co and to call Walking Co for issues. I was sent men’s size 7 not women’s size 7. I called Walking Co and they told me to call Amazon. I called Amazon and they said call Walking Co. I call Walking Co back and they would not help. Thankfully, Amazon stepped up and reimbursed. There are many other competing products so I will use the competition’s from now on.


This is the best orthotic, custom or otherwise I have found. I have high arches and Mortons neuroma. I cannot believe how happy my feet are with these. Now I need to find which dress shoes I can use them in besides athletic shoes.

Best Inserts EVER

Everyone's foot is different and this insert is ideal for my foot! I have super boney feet with incredibly high arches. The arch support is tangible but not intrusive. Most don't come close to making a difference. I love the metatarsal support that helps relax my toes so I don't 'grip' them all the time. It's made all the difference in my walking and hiking stamina. Thank you, Abeo!

Happy Feet!

After years of foot pain, I finally found this solution! These inserts have made my feet feel so much better, and the best thing is, I can buy any shoe I like in which to use them.