Ultra XP Orthotic-Neutral Womens

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Experience the ultimate in customized comfort with the women’s ABEO® 3D3 Neutral Ultra Orthotic. These revolutionary orthotics are matched to your specific arch and foot profile for the ultimate in balance, support and cushioning. Enjoy your active adventures in exceptional comfort of dual action performance foam for shock absorption and energy return. ABEO 3D3 Ultra XP Orthotics also incorporate advanced technology and performance features:

Recommended support for plantar fasciitis.

  • Cork and rubber core provide customized ergonomic support and stability.
  • Revolutionary energy relief system features dual-action foam to create spring in the forefoot and a shock-absorbing heel strike.
  • Cool TLT® construction made of a variety of fabrics absorbs and eliminates moisture build up to keep feet cool and dry.
  • Aegis® antimicrobial shield effectively fights odor and bacteria growth.
  • Cupped heel provides extra shock absorption, balance and stability to reduce pressure on joints.
  • ABEO 3D³ orthotics proudly carry the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.
  • Forefoot Foam Thickness: 5.5mm


  • Better body alignment
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Increased stability
  • Shock absorption
  • Reduced stress on joints

Customer Reviews

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Please bring this back!!!

Please bring this model back! It is the only model that provides enough arch support for my high arches. I recently ordered the Metatarsal Core Sport insoles, which are supposed to be for high arches, but I discovered that the model is quite flimsy and barely has any arch support. Please, please, please bring this model back!

Like Walking on a cloud!!!

I received my Ultra XP Orthotic Neutral, insoles yesterday, and just before my walk, I replaced them in my old Easy Spirit walking shoes. Before I began my walk on my treadmill, just walking; those new insoles felt as if I were walking “on air”. The Ultra XP Orthotic gave me the support that I so desperately needed for my arches. I used a“gel arch support” which only supported the small arch area of my underfoot. Every day I walked; I’d have to attach this “gel arch” in just the right place, to get the support I needed in my shoe, to complete my walk. On the day before receiving my new ones, I walked my 4.1 miles on an incline of 2.0 inches; at 3.2 mph; burning 455 calories. Today, I was able to increase my incline to 3.0 inches; same mph’ s, same number of miles; and burned 499 calories. Had I not had the new support insoles; there would have been no way that I would have been able to increase to another inch, without that extra support.; (without experiencing the painful effects.) and tired legs. Everything that was explained about the custom comfort of these ABEO 3D-3 Neutral Ultra Orthotic is absolutely true. So blessed I ordered 2 pair, one for my old Easy Spirit Walkers; and the other for the new pair of Easy Spirits, that I haven’t even worn yet. I was blessed twice, because Foot Smart still had them in my size, and they were still on sale!!! At, 71, I’m truly blessed! Thank you Foot Smart!

Great support in arches

I have bunions, hammer toes and flat feet. I need support in my arches and the insert has helped a great deal. Bought 2 pair on sale at a great price.

delaminated almost immediately

bought these for my daughter. These inserts were great and they came apart eventually after heavy use by my daughter so i replaced them for her and bought two or three new pairs immediately they came apart and i couldnt return them because they were clearance. big mistake no bargain

Great Support

I have been wearing The Walking Company orthotics for years. They are great. They provide great suuport and relief for my flat feet

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