Suede-nubuck Brush Kit

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The ABEO® Suede & Nubuck Cleaning Kit is designed to keep your suede and nubuck shoes or bags looking new. The Spot Cleaning Bar erases spots and marks on nubuck and suede. Use the edge of the bar and rub in a back and forth motion. The Brush is made with soft nylon bristles, making it gentle on the leather, lifts away surface dirt and fluffs up the nap for a clean and healthy look.

  • Please follow all directions carefully for best results.
  • Contains one bar and one bristle brush.
  • The brush can also be used with WalkingCo Leather Cleaner & Conditioner to deep clean shoes and bags.
  • Directions: Rub bar in a steady back-and-forth motion across the soiled area. Brush the surface to remove excess dirt or bar residue and restore the nap. DO NOT USE WATER. For best results, use WalkingCo Leather Protectant after cleaning to protect your suede or nubuck from wet weather and dirt.

Customer Reviews

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It’s ok, neither bad or good

I think it was 2019 when I bought this in Las Vegas Miracle Mile. I have used it every summer since then. It gets the surface dirt off of my sandals. These are sandals I wear everyday, outside & inside, working in the yard or running a quick errand. I use both the eraser & brush. It does not clean them back to original @ all. I’m still searching for something that will either keep the sandals clean, make them waterproof, or clean them back to new looking. Any of the 3 areas would be acceptable if it worked! This is only “ok” until I find a great product that really does work.

Great service!!

This place is wonderful! I love the products and the customer service is great!

OK but not a great product

Did not find that the product worked as well as advertised. Besides, no one is going to see the matted bed of shoes?

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