MXV Cruise Metatarsal

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Metatarsal Pad
Wide Toe Box
Breathable Materials

ABEO Momentum MXV Cruise features an exclusive high rebound EVA mid-sole compound that gives you a smooth ride through the day. The lightweight, breathable upper allows for interior climate control to keep your feet cool and fresh. A removable insole with anatomical arch support aligns the entire body and may help relieve many foot ailments, including Plantar Fasciitis and heel or ball of foot pain. Whether for your daily exercise routine, travel needs or just around town, the ABEO Momentum™ MXV Cruise will meet all your walking needs.

  • Removable Insole with anatomical arch aligns and supports the body. Available in neutral or metatarsal (for high arches). 
  • Engineered Knit Upper stretches for a custom fit. The molded overlay provides added support just where you need it. 
  • Abeo Momentum high rebound midsole will add spring to your step, reduce fatigue and add stability which will enhance your walking journey. 
  • Molded Rubber Outsole provides stability, shock absorption, cushioning, and an advanced grip for different environments.    
  • Wide Toe Box alleviates pressure on swollen feet, bunions, and hammertoes, providing superior comfort and toe freedom.

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Customer Reviews

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Almost perfect

These shoes are very comfortable, but have a few flaws. 1. They run a bit big. I might have been able to get away with a 1/2 size smaller 2. The back is very high and rubs the back of my heel in an odd way. I’m wondering if I can fix it by somehow raising the heel inside the shoe.

Stiff shoe

I have 3 other pair of Abeo sneakers that were no longer made. I wanted to try this pair hoping for the same fit as the Petra. This new pair is stiff, but hopefully after wearing they will break in. I gave 4 stars due to the shoe strings are cheap and the insert is minimal. I would suggest if you are considering these to order, you may want to order a better orthotic insert, I switched them out and they fit far better.

So comfortable

This is my 4th or 5th pair of Abeos. These shoes are so comfortable. They are lightwieght and plenty wide in the toe box. Abeo never disappoints. Great shoes for those with wide feet and past issues with plantar fasciitis.