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Meet the Morgan

The ABEO Morgan is our popular sandal featuring waterproof Nappa leather upper designs and a padded upper strap. This sleek and stylish sandal offers all-day comfort, support and stability. Premium built-in orthotics help to reduce foot fatigue, shock and stress on joints, while also providing arch support. These water friendly sandals are perfect for family trips to the beach or running to the store for quick errands.

  • Built-In Orthotic Insole offers arch support, stability and comfort for long-term durability. Available in Neutral and Metatarsal (for high arches).
  • Water Friendly Nappa Leather Uppers provide stylish support with a classic Y-shaped design.
  • EVA Footbed & PU Midsole makes for a cushioned and supportive lightweight sandal.
  • Molded Rubber Outsole for traction, grip and shock absorption.
  • New Model of the Alea sandal.



Ideal for medium arches and those NOT suffering from pain in the ball of the foot.


A metatarsal pad on the sole provides enhanced arch and ball-of-foot support to redistribute weight and relieve forefoot pain and pressure. Shoes with metatarsal support can also prevent and address common foot problems, including plantar fasciitis and alignment issues.