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The ABEO® Natural Bees Wax Sealer provides a tough natural coat for leather against wear, dirt and the elements. The natural formulation nourishes the leather without using silicone or harsh chemicals. Protect your fine leather footwear and keep it looking like new for years.

  • Naturally seals and protects against rain and snow.
  • 2 fl.oz (59 ml)
  • Directions: Use on warm leather. Article may be warmed in direct sunlight. Rub Beeswax Sealer directly on leather. The beeswax formulation will melt as it is rubber into the warm leather. Wipe away any excess that will not be absorbed with a clean dry cloth.

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It's Made By Bees So You Know It's Good!

Outstanding product that works! It not only seals and protects but it makes the color of the leather richer and completely hides scruffs and superficial scratches. Get you some because it's made by bees so you know it's good.!

Great for dress and casual

I needed a pair of sandals that would dress up a pair of jeans or could be worn with a long skirt or dress. So far I couldn’t be happier. They are easy to walk in especially in the city where surfaces are all different levels. I even wore them with a shorter Lacey black dress to a wedding and danced all night. Great purchase.

Amazing product

This is a must have product. I was initially skeptical, but it works like a miracle. I have used it on other shoes that looked awful and were suddenly like new again. It is easy to use and works beautifully.

Use with hands

Doesnt work well with rag. Better to use directly with fingers. The warmth also helps it melt. Its unrealistic to expect there to be sun in the winter to warm your shoes to put on this product.

Leather Protection

I put this on all of my leather shoes and it made the colors richer, the flex and fit felt better. It rained and my shoes still look great!

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